How it works..

What is "Preset" Updates. Every Expert Advisor has got a tab on their setup window, where you can input, modify and customize any given parameter, so the EA may perform as you set it up. Different setup for parameters may lead to a better performance or a worse. Therefore, coming up to the best sort of setting is the very early fact every trader must consider.

Now the question is?
What setting would be the best for this EA?

The answer is so simple, Either set and customize the EA yourself, or rely of what our professional Traders have already concluded.
How to load "Preset" Parameters..
Once you installed and dragged the GuruTraderEA on any preferred chart, a window will be opened where you can set the parameters up right there. More info on Installation Guide.

As it is shown in this right screenshot, by clicking on "Load", you can simply load appropriate "preset file" and then all parameters are set automatically.
Thereafter, the only step is to run the EA and start trading.
Here you can download up-to-date preset files.
How to do a Back Test on your Own Parameters Setup..
Here you learn all steps to get an EA tested. Once MT4 is launched, on the top menu/view/Strategy Tester, or by shortcut "Ctrl + R", open Strategy Tester. Later on, follow the structures below:
1. Select the EA to get tested.
2. Select the pair on which you want to test the EA.
3. Select "Every Tick", which gives you the most accurate hypothetical performance, yet slower and more time consuming.
4. Select a span of time from when you want to test the EA.
5. Select if you want to see the live performance of the EA in the selected chart.
6. Select the Time Frame of which you want to test the EA.
7. Select the Spread: Current or any preferred figure.
8. Here is where you can Input any own value for parameters, or Load a "Preset" file.
9. Click to get the EA Back Test started.
To see the full Installation Guide page click here
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What "VPS" Stands for..
VPS stands for "Virtual Private Server". It sounds like you got a personal computer somewhere on the Internet, which is ON for almost all moments. Technically, VPS providers claim that their product is operating for 99.99% of the time. Therefore, VPSes are one popular sort of tools which are essential for any trader who wants to get advantage of Expert Advisor. There on the VPS, you have the same environment as you have on your personal PC. As a result, you can simply install MT4 and run your EA for 24/7 making money.
The VPS service which is recommended by GuruTrader's Professionals is linked here