GuruTrader EA

EA Description
====< Main EA Settings >====
RecoverLotA function to recover the loss orders after StopLoss is hit, by adding higher Lot Volume to the coming orders.
CoveringModeTwo types of recovering: Based on the percentage of Draw Down or based on the number of closed negative orders.
Rate for CoveringA rate from 10 to 100, indicating the percentage of negative loss to be recovered.
magic_numberAn optional number used to distinguish operational orders by this EA from other orders.
----------- Other Parameters are quite simple -----------
----< Perception Settings >----
x1-x2-x3-x4Four different values which are used to multiply on AC indicator Values on different Shifts.
shift1-shift2-shift3-shift4Four different Shifts which are used to be multiplied by different XValues above.

EUR/USD Long-Term Back Test: EA1_EURUSD_2010-2020

GBP/USD Long-Term Back Test: EA1_GBPUSD_2010-2020

EUR/JPY Long-Term Back Test: EA1_EURJPY_2010-2020

GBP/JPY Long-Term Back Test: EA1_GBPJPY_2010-2020

USD/JPY Long-Term Back Test: EA1_USDJPY_2010-2020

GOLD Long-Term Back Test: EA1_GOLD_2010-2020