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This Expert Advisor is based on a unique method of calculation among different spots back in historical price. In another word, it measures the value of chosen filter on very first closed candle, and compare it to 3 more candles with a particular time shifting value, which is either manually input or is automatically calculated as very early perception price. So in "OwnParameters" option, these four candles can be set up by the user, while in other sort of method, it will be being calculated based on chosen option. Thereafter, the EA checks if the outcome for perception matches to the way of calculation for sending a Long/Short order, following the same procedure to spot the best price to close it. Meanwhile, the "AutoClose" option helps the EA to close any sent order if it is in loss, before hitting the StopLoss, therefore, it can close that order with smaller loss, yet may cause to have larger number of orders in total. There are other option such as BreakEven and TrailingStop, which can be manually applied by users.

Lot: which is an investment Decision determined by clients
Input: Two different method of inputting the parameters: Manually or by GuruTrader's Professionals
Important Notice: If selected : 'by GuruTrader', the following parameters are set automatically and what you input will be effectless.
take_profit: A value to set a TP ( Take Profit) level.Important Notice: if the value is '0' , the EA opens only one order with no TP setup. This order will be then closed automatically on closing calculation. If the value is any figure greater than '0', the EA will open TWO (2) orders with the same Lot size, one with TP and second one with no TP.
min_profit_atr_multiply: A function to set a minimum for an order to be closed, based on ATR calculation.
waiting points: Number of points to be waiting for next new order.
enable_trailing_stop: A function to trail open orders in profit. To read more click HERE.
enable_breakeven: A function to make an order Risk Free. To read more click HERE.
AutoClose: A function to close an order if the market direction get changed. To read more check Description Above.
enable_atr_exit: A function to close an open orders based on ATR Calculation.
enable_reopen: A function to open a new order if the same way of calculation stil exists.
trade_on_new_bar: A function to prevent a double order to be opened while the current time frame is yet to get over.
---< Guru Parameters Settings >====
Method: To choose the method of trading. To read more check description Above.
TradeMode: A function which set the status of the market. To read more click HERE.
Shift: This number sets which candle previously should be the base for signal calculation.
PerceptionCount: The number of Candles to be counted for signal calculation.
PerceptionPeriod: The number of candles used as functional period for indicators operating for signal calculation.
PerceptionAverage: Gets the average of output of signal calculation to make it smoother and have less noise.
---< Own Parameters Settings >====
x1-x2-x3-x4Four different values which are used to multiply on AC indicator Values on different Shifts.
shift1-shift2-shift3-shift4Four different Shifts which are used to be multiplied by different XValues above.
----------- Other Parameters are quite simple. Click HERE to read more -----------
====< Covering Settings >====
RecoverLot: A function to recover the loss orders after StopLoss is hit, by adding higher Lot Volume to the coming orders.
CoveringMode: Two types of recovering: Based on the percentage of Draw Down or based on the number of closed negative orders.
Rate for Covering: A rate from 10 to 100, indicating the percentage of negative loss to be recovered.
Slippage: A value which determines the maximum difference between the price that signal is calculated on, and the actual price.It prevents any false order to be opened during high fluctuation in the market

EUR/USD Long-Term Back Test: EA1_EURUSD_2018-2020

EUR/CAD Long-Term Back Test: EA1_EURCAD_2018-2020

EUR/JPY Long-Term Back Test: EA1_EURJPY_2018-2020

GBP/USD Long-Term Back Test: EA1_GBPUSD_2018-2020

GBP/CHF Long-Term Back Test: EA1_GBPCHF_2018-2020

GBP/JPY Long-Term Back Test: EA1_GBPJPY_2018-2020

AUD/USD Long-Term Back Test: EA1_AUDUSD_2018-2020

AUD/JPY Long-Term Back Test: EA1_AUDJPY_2018-2020

USD/CAD Long-Term Back Test: EA1_USDCAD_2018-2020

USD/CHF Long-Term Back Test: EA1_USDCHF_2018-2020

USD/JPY Long-Term Back Test: EA1_USDJPY_2018-2020

CHF/JPY Long-Term Back Test: EA1_CHFJPY_2018-2020

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* Last Update: 2020.05.13

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